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Mock Placement Exchange


What is the mock placement exchange?

We will be hosting a mock Placement Exchange to help prepare candidates for the OPE, NASPA, and ACPA interview processes. We will also be providing information to those serving as advisors/mentors to assist potential candidates through the process. 


For Potential Candidates

Participants (undergrads, graduate students, professionals) who are interested in the mock placement exchange will first attend a session that will include information on preparing for the conference and helpful hints on how to navigate the process. Following the information session, participants will go through a mock interview that is similar to the set-up of a placement exchange.


Last but not least, the traditional CASCHA Meeting Social will serve as a mock placement social in order for networking skills to be exercised. 


For Advisors and Mentors

There will be a concurrent session for advisors/mentors that will provide information on how best to support and guide candidates during this process.


Resume Review

In addition to the meeting, we will be facilitating a resume review opportunity for participants to have their resumes reviewed by professionals in the field. If you are unable to attend the meeting, but would still like to be involved this would be a great opportunity for you. 


The 2016 Mock Placement Exchange will be:

Friday, January 15, 2016 


Northwestern University



Free as part of CASCHA's on-going professional development offerings