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Annual CASCHA Conference

  • When: October 25 from 8am-5pm

  • Where: Loyola University Chicago, Rogers Park Campus on Lake Shore Drive

  • Program Proposals: Due September 25

Each registered institution is expected to submit at least one program proposal.  Delegates and advisors alike are encouraged to submit proposals.  Click here to submit a program proposal.


About the Conference

CASCHA’s annual conference for Resident Assistants & Future Student Affairs Professionals (formerly known as RAFSAP) occurs each fall. It is a networking and information-gathering opportunity for all resident assistants and student leaders interested in expanding their skills or learning more about the field of student affairs. The one-day conference includes a keynote speaker and program tracks for resident assistants, future student affairs professionals, and advisors. Students and advisors alike are invited and encouraged to present sessions!


The 2014 CASCHA Conference takes place on Saturday, October 25 at Loyola University Chicago.


Conference Banners

For this year’s CASCHA Conference, each institution is asked to create a banner for their institution. It’s time to get out your arts and craft supplies and get creative! These banners will be displayed the day of the conference and hung (taped to a wall with blue painter’s tape) during the Graduate School Fair.


Below are some guidelines for this competition: 


  • The banner must display your institution's name somewhere on it.
  • Size is limited to 3 feet x 5 feet.
  • Must be able to hang using painter’s tape (painter’s tape provided at Conference)
  • Must be turned in at registration or before 9:00 am the day of the Conference
  • Incorporation of Conference theme (“The Skyline’s the Limit”), school spirit/pride, and/or CASCHA in general is a definite PLUS!


Volunteer at the 2014 CASCHA Conference

If you are interested in being involved, please let us know! We are looking for CASCHA members to help us with registration, marketing and technology, programming, the graduate program fair, and other conference logistics. Contact Christine DePilla (cdepilla@colum.edu) or Sophie Zumout (szumout@luc.edu) if you are interested.

In the Chicagoland area, we are fortunate to be able to look up to the beautiful skylines, allowing ourselves to set goals as high as those skyscrapers. 
We hope that you and your students will join us for this year's CASCHA Conference where the "Skyline's the Limit" to the possibilities available as a para-propfessional in one of our member institutions.